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New Student Scholarship
New student scholarships are awarded to applicants who are processed during general admissions. Scholarships may reduce a new student's tuition for the first semester by 30-50%. ThM students are not eligible for new student scholarships. PhD students may receive Research and Administrative Assistant (RAA) scholarships for their first semester.
Torch Trinity Scholarships

Torch Trinity offers school scholarships and sponsorships. Students can apply for and receive scholarships starting from their second semester. These will be given as tuition reductions or scholarships.


Types of Scholarships

Merit Scholarship : These scholarships are awarded to the top/runner-up students of the MDiv/MA degree programs each semester.
- President Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship


Students may apply for a financial aid scholarship by submitting an application by the announced deadline. To apply for Financial Aid Scholarships, individuals must be enrolled in a degree program.
- Financial Aid Scholarship, Ministerial Family Scholarship, Missionary Scholarship, Student Family Scholarship



Sponsorships : Sponsorships are supported by scholarship foundations, churches, or other institutions. Students may apply for a sponsorship by submitting an application. *Book Scholarships may be given as gift certificates.
- Kim Sangbok Scholarship, Kyongwon Scholarship, Donghye Scholarship, Book Scholarship (Kim Family Scholarship, KCBS Scholarship), Korean Diaspora Scholarship


Student Leader Scholarship : This scholarship is awarded to the Student Council president and vice-president for the term of their service.


학생근로장학금: 교내 부서 및 교수 연구의 필요에 따라 학생이 근로를 신청할 수 있으며, 근로하는 학생에게 일정액 또는 시간당 근로금액을 지급하는 장학금입니다. 교내 매거진, 웹, 저널 편집자 및 채플 찬양인도를 하거나, 도서관, 연구소 등에서 일할 수 있습니다.
  장학금명- 학생인턴십장학금, 학생근로장학금


Student Internship/Work Scholarships : Students may work for the school office or for faculty; student internships are available for the school magazine, website, and journal. Student work scholarships are available for chapel worship leaders and for work in the library and research centers.
- Student Internship Scholarship, Student Work Scholarship


PhD Scholarships : PhD students may receive international scholarships or assistant scholarships.
- PhD International Student Scholarship, PhD Research and Administration Assistant (RAA) Scholarship


Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS) : TSMS is for applicants from unreached people groups. This scholarship's focus is to raise potential leader in the Majority World. It covers full-tuition as well as room and board. TSMS recipients must return to their home countries to do mission work/ministry for the time span agreed upon in the TSMS covenant (2 years).

Scholarship Information