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About TTGU

Teaching the Word! Changing the World!




Torch Trinity emphasizes Strategic Mission Education and adaptive education through strategic partnerships with pastors and leaders from mission fields and Korean churches. Furthermore, foreign residents in Korea and foreign nationals of Korean descent may find programs suited to their specific needs as shown below.



Strategic Mission Education

Torch Trinity selectively admits qualified candidates from mission-field countries for the Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS), which includes full tuition, room, and board. TSMS is an integral part of Torch Trinity's mission to train and equip Christian leaders for those regions least penetrated by the gospel.


Torch Trinity trains students to engage in difficulties in the mission-field and ministry settings, equipping them with practical leadership skills and a solid theological foundation. The educational environment of Torch Trinity teaches students to foster personal relationships, crossing cultural and language barriers, in order to communicate the gospel efficiently..


Between semesters, members of faculty take groups of students to visit alumni. We call them Angel Projects. Professors often give seminars on their specialized topics while students are able to learn first-hand how Christians in the Majority World propagate the gospel in a local context. Torch Trinity endeavors to stay connected to its graduates for mutual edification, learning how to meet the needs of Christians abroad.


Torch Strategic Mission Scholarships
Majority World Scholarships : China, Islam, North Korean defector, Japan
The Korean Diaspora Mission Scholarship(KDMS)
The Angel Project


Torch Trinity Number of TSMS Alumni(As of December 31, 2018)

  Region Country No. of Alumni
1 Asia Japan 2
2 China 7
3 Nepal 18
4 Taiwan 1
5 Lao 1
6 Russia 3
7 Malaysia 1
8 Mongolia 4
9 Myanmar 19
10 Bangladesh 1
11 Vietnam 6
12 Butan 1
13 Sri Lanka 4
14 Singapore 1
15 India 32
16 Indonesia 9
17 Cambodia 2
18 Thailand 4
19 Pakistan 7
20 Philippines 10
21 Hong Kong 1
22 Uzbekistan 1
23 Kazakhstan 2
24 Eastern Europe Romania 4
25 Bulgaria 1
26 Ukraine 2
27 Middle East Iraq 3
28 Israel 1
29 Egypt 1
30 Africa Ghana 7
31 Nigeria 1
32 Liberia 1
33 Botswana 1
34 Sudan 1
35 Ethiopia 3
36 Uganda 2
37 Cameroon 1
38 Kenya 8
39 Republic of Congo 1
  Tanzania 1
40 Rwanda 1
41 Latin America Brazil 1
42 Ecuador 1
43 Oceania Fiji Island 1
  Total   180
Ratio of T.S.M.S. Alumni by Nationality
Ratio of T.S.M.S. Alumi by Nationality
Ratio of T.S.M.S. Alumi by Nationality
Asia 137
Eastern Europe 7
Middle East 5
Africa 28
Latin America 2
Oceania 1
Total 180


Adaptive Education
Christian CEO Program
Torch Trinity hosts the Christian CEO program for local Christian leaders who are actively participating in the social arena and making an impact for the gospel. Courses are taught by leading speakers and the summer outreach, where participants develop their talents as Christian leaders. The program lasts for 25 weeks.
Expat Program
The Expat program is a part-time program for foreign nationals who are residing in Korea on a non-student visa. Both Korean and English programs are available for this program.