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Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship Admissions




Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship
Torch Trinity Graduate University
Spring 2021 Enrollment

What is Torch Strategic Missions Scholarship


From the inception, the founders of Torch Trinity Graduate University envisioned a theological graduate school that will contribute significantly to the world Christian movement. These early leaders were committed to training leaders from the majority world where the Gospel has least penetrated and where quality theological education is least accessible.

In continuation of that founding vision, Torch Trinity Graduate University and local Korean churches have joined hands to offer the Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship (TSMS) to a limited number of qualified applicants, especially from unreached people group (UPG). As of December 31, 2019, nearly 188 international students from 44 countries have completed their study through the Torch Strategic Mission Scholarship program. The TSMS award is a distinguished scholarship offered to Christian ministers who possess outstanding academic and ministry potential from strategic region of the world. The scholarship includes full tuition, room, and board for the duration of a recipient’s degree program. For the recipients in the Master of Divinity program, the scholarship extends for three consecutive years. For the Master of Education, Arts, and Theology recipients, the scholarship extends for two consecutive years.



Basic qualifications to apply for the TSMS program



A. The applicant must meet all the qualifications for admissions for any master’s degree program at Torch Trinity.


B. The applicant must be a native of a strategic mission country with a vision to plant/build the church in his/her homeland or another place of equal strategic value.


C. The applicant must demonstrate financial needs.


D. The applicant must apply from a missionally strategic country (i.e., from the majority world).

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Online Pre-application
Online pre-application site is only available
using Internet Explorer.

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Guidelines for the TSMS Applicants


Program Concentration Duration
Master of Divinity (MDiv) - 3 years
Master of Education (MEd) - 2 years
Master of Arts (MA) Christian Education
Christian Counseling
2 years
Master of Theology (ThM) Old Testament
New Testament
Systematic Theology
Church History
Mission / Intercultural Studies
Christian Education,
Interdisciplinary Theological Studies
2 years
*Currently, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) applicants are NOT eligible for TSMS award.

If you have questions, please contact the admissions office. Do not ask alumni because guidelines change yearly.

A. Qualifications: 
   1. A confessing and mature believer (who has the assurance of salvation) with two letters of recommendation from a pastor, professor, or church leader/employer.
   2. A native of a strategic mission country or region (majority world, developing country, Muslim region, etc.) with a vision to plant/build the church of that country or another country of equal strategic value upon graduation. (Internationals residing in Korea cannot apply)
   3. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent by an accredited institution recognized by Torch Trinity Graduate University
   4. For a ThM applicant, an MDiv or its equivalent by an accredited institution recognized by Torch Trinity Graduate University.
   5. A TOEFL/IELTS score that meets Korean government standards. In case of severe difficulty in accessing the official exam sites, the applicant is advised to contact the admissions officer.

B. Any of the following points disqualifies an applicant:
   1. currently resides in Korea married to a Korean (or Korean descent) or someone from the developed countries (i.e., USA, Canada, Europe, etc.),
   3. has family in Korea
   4. has a spouse living in Korea (now or during enrollment)

C. Due to limited housing, Torch Trinity does not offer scholarships to couples. We cannot house couples and families.

Process Schedule Note
Online Pre-application By May 10, 2020 Online Submission
Confirmation of
Pre-application Results
May 30, 2020 Email Notification
Application July 1 to August 15, 2020 Mail Application Form with Required Documents
Paper Screening Results September 18, 2020 Email Notification
Interview September 24 to 25, 2020 Phone or Skype
Final Results October 5, 2020 Email Notification

A. Applicants for TSMS must submit the ONLINE PRE-APPLICATION prior to the actual application for admission. At the online pre-application stage, applicants are asked to provide the preliminary documentation necessary to demonstrate proper educational qualifications, ministry experience, and ministry plans after his/her study at Torch Trinity. Only those who have passed the pre-application stage are eligible to submit the application form and other required documents for the TSMS admissions

B. If you have difficulty in filling out the online forms, contact the TSMS admissions administrator by post or by email via

   1. Online pre-application period: February 1 to May 10, 2020
   2. Online pre-application input: visit → and click “TSMS Admissions Pre-application” banner
   3. Pre-application input list (complete all three items below)
      a. Personal Information
      b. Personal Statement (spiritual and academic backgrounds)
      c. Transcripts must be in English (upload scanned files)

V. Application

A. Those who have passed the pre-application evaluation need to submit the application form and required documents to the admissions office by the application due date by POST only. Forms are available on the school’s website. If you have difficulty accessing the website, please contact the admissions officer to send it to you by email or by post.


B. Dates

   1. Period: July 1 to August 15, 2020

   2. The application package should be sent by post on or before August 15, 2020


C. Forms to Download

   1. Click “Admissions Forms” on → Admissions → Admissions Forms

   2. If you have difficulty accessing the website, please ask the admissions officer to send it to you by email or by post:


D. Required Documents (documents listed below are all required without exceptions)

   1. TSMS Application (use the provided form)

   2. Personal Statement (use the provided form)

   3. Two Recommendation Letters (use the provided form)
       a. Pastor
       b. Professor or Church Leader/Employer

   4. Official Certificate of Graduation
   • Must be submitted after being notarized either by Apostille standard or the Korean Embassy or Consulate.
      *Please refer to Section G below.

   5. Official Transcript

   • Must be submitted after being notarized either by Apostille standard or the Korean Embassy or Consulate.
      * Please refer to 2. Documents Verification below

   • Foreign transcripts, including records of all courses, examinations, grades, grading scales, and conferrals of degrees, must be in English

   6. Original TOEFL Score or IELTS substitute (TTGU alternative under exceptionally extenuating circumstances but the official score must be sent in before the decision is finalized)

   • Minimum Scores: TOEFL-CBT 197/ TOEFL-iBT 71/ IELTS 5.5/ New-TEPS 327 which was taken in 2 years

   • No final decision will be made without the official score: applicants are advised to send in the official score at the earliest stage of the application screening to increase their admission chances as the scholarship program is highly competitive

   7. Passport-Size Photos (3)

   8. Scholarship Application (use the provided form)

   9. Copy of your passport


E. Application Fee: $40 (USD) OR 45,000 KRW

Application fee should be paid to Torch Trinity’s bank account by the last day of application submission

   • Bank Information:
     - Name of Bank: Woori Bank, Branch Name: Yangjaenam Br.
     - Overseas Remittance Account Number: 1005-602-443681
     - Bank Address: 60 Yangae-Dong, Seocho-Gu SEOUL, Korea, Postal code: 06752
     - Account Holder: Torch Trinity Graduate University
     - Swift Code: HVBKKRSEXXX
     * Note: the admission fee CANNOT be refunded, so please make sure to pay the exact amount. Any overpayment cannot be reimbursed.


F.Application Submission:

   1. Mailing Address

TSMS Admissions Office
70 Baumero 31-gil, Seocho-gu,
Seoul, Korea 06752

     *Any application with incomplete documents or missing information cannot be considered for evaluation. Once you submit your application package, documents therein cannot be changed or returned.


G.Accreditation Certification Approval of Overseas University

  • Universities participating in the Apostille Convention: Please submit your apostilled certificate of graduation and official transcripts.

    ※ Updated list of the participating countries (

  • Universities in other countries: Please submit an approved certificate of graduation and the official transcript with an overseas university accreditation letter by the local Korean Embassy/Consulate.

bull; Universities in the U.S.: Please submit an accreditation certificate from Korean-American Educational Commission (Tel. +82-2-3275-4000) or Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA,

  • Universities in China: Please submit an approved certificate of graduation and official transcript in English from

     o Confucius Institute in Seoul (, 中国高等教育学生信息网 (, or 教育部学位与研究生教育发展中心(

     o As for university in China, it will take about two months to issue.

VI. Finalist Interview

A. After the paper screening process, the evaluation committee will have a phone or Skype (online video) interview with the selected applicants.


B. Dates

   1. Interview Period: September 24 to 25, 2020

   2. Between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (Korea Standard Time)

VII. Admissions Confirmation

A. Admissions Confirmation Package & Medical Reports

   1. Those who have passed the application and interview stages are asked to submit the following documents to the office by October 30, 2020

     *Medical Report

     *Notice of Intention

     *Financial Statement: Must include a statement of financial endorsement for the round-trip airfare to Korea

     *Signed TSMS Covenant.

   2. Medical Insurance Fee Deposit: After sending the admissions package to TTGU, applicants are to transfer a deposit, which covers the first three months of Korea’s National Health Insurance (roughly $150 - USD), to a designated school account.


B. Documents for Visa Application: Upon receiving the health insurance deposit, the school will send the necessary documents to recipients for their student visa applications.

VIII. Tuition and Fees
The full scholarship covers tuition, room, and board. Individual students are responsible for all other expenses during their studies at Torch Trinity, including books, public transportation, and all their personal expenditures. Please note that personal fundraising in Korea is prohibited for the TSMS students.
IX. Dorm
All TSMS recipients (including partial scholarship recipients) are required to stay in the dorm while they study in their degree programs.
X. Well-being
Life away from home for several years will certainly be exciting and adventurous, but sometimes challenging, especially from having to adapt to the rigors of academic work in a different cultural setting. Torch Trinity expects that each TSMS student will not only acknowledge these realities, but also have the basic physical, emotional, and spiritual readiness to successfully finish their study in Korea. Before making the final decision to come, applicants are responsible to perform basic research on what life in Korea entails, including different weather, food, and culture.

If you have any other concerns, please contact our admissions officer during the application stage.
Last updated on January 31, 2020